There is more to moving than just tossing your stuff into boxes, renting a truck and driving across town. A successful relocation is much like running a small company as it requires budgeting, careful planning, strategizing and a good work crew. If you overlook even just one of these factors, your moving experience could be disastrous. Natural State Insurance Group, your auto insurance company in Arkansas, offer these helpful moving tips.

Not Planning Ahead

Moving is a big job and will require a solid plan. If you think you can relocate by just winging it, then you are in for a bad experience. When you are faced with the task of moving, you need to start planning months in advance, Yes, we said you need to plan months in advance.

You might want to take notes. In the months up to your move date, you need to look into moving companies, plan travel arrangements, notify utility companies and start packing. That’s right, you can start packing two or three months before your actual moving date.

Moving Unnecessary Items

Randomly stuffing everything you own into boxes might seem like a great way to pack, but you are wasting a lot of energy and space. Face it, there are a lot of things you have in your house right now that you either don’t want or don’t need. You need to take advantage of your situation and take the time to go through and donate or toss the stuff you no longer need.

Moving is the perfect opportunity to purge the possessions that are just taking up space. So go ahead and get rid of the clothes you no longer wear, the books you will never read again and the mp3 player full of music by Smashmouth, Creed, Dave Matthews Band and Nickelback.

Packing Heavy Items in Big Boxes

The heavy items you need to pack should go in small boxes. Seriously, your body will thank you for it.

Skimping on Bubble Wrap

Having to stop packing because you ran out of bubble wrap or whatever you use to cushion your fragile items is a huge waste of time and gumption killer. You might even be tempted to forgo the bubble wrap and just chance it. But this will endanger the China set your wife’s grandmother handed down to her. You better not risk it. It is far better to buy too much bubble wrap than not enough.

Where is Your Toothbrush?

You packed your boxes very efficiently and even properly labeled them, but you have no idea where your toothbrush and other critical toiletries wound up. In all likelihood, your toothbrush is in the bottom of one of the boxes labeled “bathroom” that is on the bottom of a pile of boxes in the garage.

What you should do is pack a suitcase with your toothbrush and all of the other items that you will need right away when you get to your new location.

Insufficient Insurance for Valuables

You may want to make sure you know if you have sufficient insurance to cover any damage that might occur to valuable items during the move. Contact Natural State Insurance Group to find out.