How to Buy Flood Insurance for your Home or Business

You can either purchase National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) policies through local agents like us or you can also get Private Flood Insurance Market quotes as well.  See below for additional information on Private Flood Insurance Programs.

Good news is there is no need to find a separate agent, because we can help you with your Flood Insurance along with any Homeowners or Business insurance needs you have.


Why You May Need Flood Insurance

Flood insurance is not covered under your homeowners insurance policy

More than 20% of flood claims come from outside of high risk flood zones

Just 1 inch of water in your home can cause $20,000 or more in costs, and that doesn’t even consider the emotional toll of dealing with the aftermath.

  1. Remove the water, typically requiring a water mitigation specialists company.
  2. Remove affected items like sheetrock, flooring, insulation, damaged cabinets, molding, flooring, and more.
  3. Sanitize the affected areas because flood water can be highly hazardous.
  4. Make repairs and get everything put back together (which can take week or months).
  5. Potential costs of staying elsewhere while your home is being fixed.


Am I in a Flood Zone? 

Looking for Flood Zone Maps?  Click Here To Find Out if Your Property is in a Flood Zone…


How are Flood Insurance Costs Calculated? 

Premiums for a flood insurance policy can be based on a number of factors:

  • If you property is in a flood zone
  • What level of risk your zone is, if you are in a flood zone
  • The year and type of construction
  • Number of Floors
  • Amount of Property and Contents coverage needed
  • The deductible requested
  • The location of the lowest floor of your property in relation to the elevation requirement on a flood map

Some newer private flood insurance programs are using things like geolocation and more recent maps.  They are trying to use more modern technology and underwriting to bring down the costs for flood insurance, but these policies are typically going to be available for lower risk properties.