Spring Cleaning Tips

During the winter, all you really want to do is hibernate. You spend long evenings huddled together on the couch with other family members and the dog drinking hot tea and streaming Netflix. On occasion, you toss something in the Crock Pot to ensure the family can have a proper meal.

You wear fuzzy slippers and a bathrobe and look like you haven’t seen the sun in months. And this is because the days are so short, you may not have seen the sun for months.

When the weather starts to warm up and the days get longer, families from all walks of life step out into the outdoors blinking their eyes in the bright sun. Spring is almost here and there is much that needs to be done. One of the first things on your “to do” list is spring cleaning.

Spring is a time of rebirth and renewal and a time to clean your house. It is also a time to go over your insurance policies to make sure everything is covered. Natural State Insurance Group, your insurance agency in Arkansas, offers you these spring cleaning tips.

Declutter First

Spring cleaning isn’t just about cleaning, it’s about decluttering and organizing your stuff as well. There are many ways of getting this accomplished, but we like having three boxes ready to go. One box is labeled “garbage; and is for anything you want to throw away or recycle. Another box is designated for stuff you want to donate. The third box is for the stuff you will want to keep.

Carpets and Upholstery

Think about what the fabrics on your carpet and in your upholstery have absorbed this last winter. We are betting they are full of body oil, germs and dirt and food remnants of a few dozen pizzas that were eaten on the couch while binge-watching shows like Stranger Things and Walking Dead.

Your best bet is to rent a steam cleaner and get the job done right. Don’t forget to practice on an unseen portion of the fabric first to see if the treatment will discolor or cause a dye to run.

Ceiling Fan Fixtures

Run your finger along the top of one of the blades on your ceiling fan, make sure the fan is off of course. What you will find is about a half an inch of disgusting dust and dirt up there. You will need a wet rag to clean the blades to be sure. If you are handy with tools, you can take off the blades and thoroughly clean them in the sink.

Light Fixtures

All you need is a stepladder, cleaner and a sponge and in a few short hours, all of your light fixtures will look as good as new. Be careful so you don’t fall off the ladder.

Check the Coil

If clean out the refrigerator is on your spring cleaning list, good for you. We imagine that by the time you reach the far back of the inside of the refrigerator, you will find leftovers from your Thanksgiving Day meal. You were right, there was no way the family was going to eat all of that turkey.

You should also clean the condenser coil. The condenser coil is usually found behind the toe grill and can be cleaned with a long brush and vacuum attachment.

You will also want to pull your refrigerator out and clean the floor underneath it. Without a doubt, there will be coins, bottle caps, twist ties and a bunch of other stuff you have kicked under there.


Your dishwasher probably looks as bad as unwashed dishes on the inside. It’s a good idea to shake some baking soda on a damp sponge and wipe the inside out and remove the stains.

Bring Backup

Spring cleaning all on your own could take you well into summer, so make sure you have help. Enlisting the help of your kids and spouse means not only will you get through the work a lot faster, but you are not stuck with having to do all of the work. After all, spring cleaning can be overwhelming.

Once the house is back to a state of cleanliness, contact Natural State Insurance Group to discuss your insurance policies.