There is no question that not everybody needs life insurance. Surely, if you are in your 20s, not married and have no kids, there is no reason for you to have it. But even then, there are a few exceptions you should consider. For example, getting life insurance when you are young guards against a health change that could raise costs.

Still, you will likely make the case that while you are single, healthy and without kids, you don’t feel the pressing need for life insurance. We won’t argue that point. However, there are plenty of other reasons people give for not buying a life insurance policy from their Little Rock insurance broker at Natural State Insurance Group. And many of them aren’t very good at all.

In fact, many of the reasons people give for not buying a life insurance policy are easily refutable. We have a few examples of the excused used not to buy life insurance.

It Costs Too Much

This is a wildly popular excuse not to buy a life insurance policy. What is so funny about this reason is that life insurance isn’t expensive at all.

There are a number of factors to take into consideration of course, like age and how healthy you are, but if you are healthy, a non-smoker and fairly young, life insurance is very inexpensive. The problem is that when people are asked what they think life insurance costs, they grossly overestimate because they really have no idea what a policy actually costs.

So before using this as a reason not to get a life insurance policy, it makes perfect sense to actually get an estimate first. You will probably be surprised at how affordable it really is.

Now is Not a Good Time to Get Life Insurance

You could be at a juncture of your life when there is just so much going on that the last thing you want to deal with is an insurance agent. We get it. Perhaps you just got married or you just became a new father or mother and things are busy in your life. Maybe you just started a new job or you were promoted and your focus is on work and not a life insurance policy, it is a familiar tale.

Consider this: In this game of life we play, there is always something going on in our lives that keeps us busy. In fact, we use the excuse that we are too busy in avoiding calling our mothers, not going to the gym and ignoring the dripping faucet in the bathroom. The bottom line is that there is always something going on in our lives and there is never a perfect time to get anything accomplished. You just need to make the time.

So pencil in an appointment with your insurance agent between fixing the bathroom faucet and calling your mother.

Buying Insurance is Intimidating

Again, this is based on what you have heard and not the reality of the situation. Studies show us that over 70 percent of people who have purchased life insurance say that the process was comfortable and they were happy with the outcome.

Of course, the experience will be pleasant if you are working with an insurance professional who knows the ins and outs of the industry and whose goal is to ease your tension and find you the best policy for your situation.

You Don’t Trust Insurance Agents

Before you judge an insurance company or an insurance agent, it makes sense to do your homework and discover who you are dealing with. There isn’t anything wrong with asking around to get information about a company or an agent and it isn’t difficult to find. If people are saying good things about their insurance agent, then chances are they are happy with their policy and you probably will be as well.

It Makes You Consider Your Mortality

Many people avoid taking out a life insurance policy because it makes them think about their mortality. This excuse is a hard one to combat. Yes, we all die and it is something we would rather not think about, but you get life insurance for the ones you love and who will be around after you are gone. Just take a moment and think about what would happen to your spouse and your children should you leave this earth unexpectedly without a life insurance policy.

It’s Something You Will Get Down the Road

There are many things you put off doing now and promise you will do in the future including getting a wheel alignment on your car, having the furnace tuned up and getting that vasectomy. Well, you have to buy a new set of tires because they wore down far too quickly, you had to spend $1,800 to get the furnace fixed and child #3 is on the way. All of this happened because you put off doing what should have been done right away.

The time is now to call Natural State Insurance Group and speak to an insurance agent.