There is little doubt you have seen insurance commercials on television that show a tree dropping on a house, fierce gusts of wind tearing the roof off a house and the good ole’ basement flooded by either rain, a broken pipe or a spaced out kid who forgot to turn off the water in the bathtub. You might think insurance companies use these commercials to scare you into buying homeowners insurance. Of course they are.

They depict these tragic scenes because, unfortunately, they do happen in real life. You don’t have to scour the news for stories about flooded houses, fires in houses or other disasters that damage homes, they happen every day. But there are some people out there who don’t think that they need homeowners insurance because the chances of something happening to their home is very low.

Look, even if you don’t live in a flood zone or don’t have trees on your property that can fall on your roof or live in an area of the country where the weather is mild, it doesn’t mean that something won’t happen to your home. It’s like canceling your auto insurance policy because you won the safest driver of the year award only to be t-boned by some fool who was texting while driving.

Our point is that the whole reason that people buy insurance policies from Natural State Insurance Group, their Arkansas insurance company, is because life is pretty darn unpredictable. But this doesn’t mean that there isn’t a portion of the population who thinks that homeowners insurance isn’t needed. For those people, here are the reasons why you need homeowners insurance.

Protect You from Lawsuits

You do your best to keep your sidewalk and driveway free from debris because you don’t want anybody to fall and hurt themselves. You also don’t want them to sue you. There are many things that can happen on your property that could result in an injury and possible lawsuit. But if you have homeowners insurance, you will sleep better at night knowing your insurance company has you back if that tree branch breaks and falls on your neighbor’s Chihuahua.

Protection from Loss

Homeowners insurance safeguards your home and unattached structures that are on your property from all sorts of hazards that include fire, wind and storms. This also includes vandalism. So whether just a little bit of your property is damaged or your whole house is leveled, you aren’t stuck with the bill.

When purchasing your homeowners insurance, make sure you are getting the finest protection possible.

Personal Belongings

Homeowners insurance can cover everything under your roof, even when it’s not under your roof. With the right plan, a laptop that gets stolen from your car while you are doing laps in the pool at the YMCA will be replaced. That is what we call peace of mind!

Temporary Housing in the Event of a Disaster

There are any numbers of disasters that could leave you home inhabitable. So if you are left out in the cold after a tornado, nasty hailstorm or flood, your insurance company could be covering your hotel, food, laundry and even dry cleaning under the right policy.

Pay Medical Bills

You might have someone, say an elderly aunt or uncle, who falls while walking up to your front steps. They require medical treatment but don’t want to sue. A homeowners policy can include guest medical coverage and will pay the medical bills for your aunt or uncle.

Protection Against Natural Disasters

You do what you can to protect your home from certain dangers. For example, you keep trees trimmed and away from your roof, you have a comprehensive smoke alarm system and you have a great security system to fend off burglars. But what you don’t have is control over Mother Nature and her fury.

Peace of Mind

If nothing else, a comprehensive homeowners policy will give you peace of mind. Hopefully, a tornado will never tear through your living room or your home won’t suffer an onslaught of golf-ball size hail, but you can rest assured if it did that you would be covered.

Now is a good time to call Natural State Insurance Group and set up an appointment with an insurance agent.