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We have recently seen the question asked several times about can you still buy Life Insurance right now with all of the Corona Virus news going around…

The answer is yes.

We reached out to our Life Insurance carriers and what we heard from them is yes you can.  We have not seen any type of moratorium on buying Life Insurance like you may see sometimes on other insurance products with storms, etc.

First, I must say that a time such as we are dealing with now isn’t necessarily the time to rush into making financial decisions, but some people have put things like Life Insurance off for months or even years.  An instance like COVID-19 and all of the news coverage has many people wondering and may be the thing that gets them over the hump in doing some shopping to better protect their families.  Our recommendation is to always make Life Insurance a priority in protecting your family, but we know that these days more than ever consumers have put off important purchases like Life Insurance.

If you have considered looking into buying some or increasing your Life Insurance, I want to make a recommendation.  To make sure that you get the most amount of coverage for the term / years that you’re looking for or that your budget allows, I’d do some shopping around.

Make sure and look places where you can get several quotes at once from top-rated carriers (like our agency offers) .  As you know there are several factors such as your age, health, family health history, lifestyle choices, coverage amount, years of coverage, & types of policies and each Life Insurance company out there may rate these factors differently based on your specific factors…  So it’s best to do some comparing.

You want make sure that you’re getting the biggest bang for your buck from reputable Life Insurance Companies and looking around and not going with the first option you see can probably save you hundreds of dollars per year.  You can quickly see the premium difference for your needs if you have about 30 seconds to run a quick quote comparison with the online rating tool our agency provides.

Natural State Insurance Group provides this online quoting service along with a simple e-sign apps feature for those that want to proceed, and we are always happy to answer any questions you may have or help walk you through the process.