Life Insurance by the Numbers

  • 54% of Americans have Life Insurance which is down from 63% in 2011.1
  • 27% of Americans that have Life Insurance only have Group Coverage, which usually isn’t enough.1
  • 10X your annual income was the traditional rule of thumb for the minimum death benefit you should apply for, but with today’s cost of living it’s probably more around 15X.  A lot of this depends on the amount of debt and number of dependents you provide for.
  • 29% of Americans intend to purchase their insurance online1 (we just happen to be local agents that have the online quote & purchase ability as well).
  • 40% of Americans who have a life insurance policy wish they had purchased it at a younger age.1
  • 12.4% the Drop in Group Life policies in America between 2017 – 2018 2, making the need for an individual policies even greater.

1 2020 Insurance Barometer Study, Life Happens and LIMRA

2 American Council of Life Insurers

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Term Life Insurance

This is typically the lowest cost life insurance that you can get, but only lasts for the number of years (term) that you select (10, 15, 20, 25, 30 years).  With traditional term the premium amount stays the same for the term of the policy.  It is the preferred choice for most life insurance shoppers because it’s considerably cheaper than permanent insurance (whole life, etc.).

Mortgage Protection Insurance

When you buy a home many times your lender adds in the cost for PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance) but that is only to protect the lender.   Mortgage Protection Insurance is to protect you and pay off your home loan in case of a death and is typically a term life policy that matches the length of your mortgage… 15, 20, 30 years, but the death benefit decreases since the amount on your mortgage decreases as you pay it down.

Depending on the product it may be a little cheaper than a normal term life policy but many times its best to go ahead and just check the rates on a traditional term life policy.  Especially if you are young and term insurance rates are cheap to being with, and you may incur other debts along the way and wish you had a level death benefit.

Return of Premium Term

Since term life insurance typically provides no death benefit if you out live the period of coverage you purchase (10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40 years coverage) some carriers offer an option called – “Return of Premium Term Life.”  This product typically costs more than traditional term life coverage, but if you do out-live the coverage period then the premiums that you paid in over the life of the policy are returned.

*each insurance company’s coverage is different so please check-out the fine print or ask us to get the information for you. 

Non-Medical Term

These term policies typically cost more than a traditional term policy, but do not require the same medical underwriting.  You can normally find a couple types:  “Simplified Issue” and “Guaranteed Issue.”  There are usually lower limits of coverage available for non-medical term policies, but these may be the perfect product for someone needing coverage that can’t find it through other life products.



Accumulation IUL

Our highest cash value policy that grows based on the performance of the S&P 500

Final Expense Life Insurance

This is a permanent life insurance policy that pays your beneficiaries when you die, and is typically a smaller amount.  Traditionally, the death benefit from a final expense policy or also known as “burial insurance” is used to pay for a funeral, but it can be used for anything, such as end of life expenses or medical bills.  We offer a No Exam Whole Life up to $40,000 for individuals 45-85 years old.

Guaranteed UL

Permanent insurance with little to no cash value. Resembles term but lasts longer

Protection IUL

A death benefit focused policy with cash values that grow based on the performance of the S&P 500

Universal Life with LTC Rider

  • Asset-Care from OneAmerica – protects against the risk of long-term care (LTC) expenses and provides a wealth-transfer mechanism through specially designed  hole life insurance policies.  Asset-Care solutions are available on a single life or joint life basis, all Asset-Care plans include the following  guarantees:
    1. death benefit
    2. cash value growth
    3. access to 100 percent of the death benefit for qualifying LTC expenses and…
    4. an optional rider for lifetime LTC coverage at never-to-increase premiums

Whole Life



Buy-Sell Life Insurance Agreements

There are a few different options but overall these agreements are designed to protect a business, the owners, and their heirs if an owner were to die expectantly.  This is done by the business (or owners) purchasing a life insurance policy on the other owners.  If one of the owners dies, the company or other owners would receive the death benefits from the life insurance policy and use those funds to buy out the deceased owner’s share of the company.

Benefits of Buy-Sell Policies:

  1. It can provide the capital needed to buy out the deceased owner’s heirs without having to put financial strain on the business or other owners.
  2. You may enjoy your current partners but are sure you want to go into business with their family members?

*** please consult with your attorney and tax advisor on the proper structure of the Buy / Sell Agreement, and then we are happy to help with finding the best life insurance options to fit your agreement.