Northwest Arkansas’ Best Value for Your Life Insurance Needs


    • Return of Premium Term – Since term life insurance typically provides no death benefit if you out live the period of coverage you purchase (10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40 years coverage) some carriers offer an option called – “Return of Premium Term Life.”  This product typically costs more than traditional term life coverage, but if you do out-live the coverage period then the premiums that you paid in over the life of the policy are returned.  *each insurance company’s coverage is different so please check-out the fine print or ask us to get the information for you. 
    • Non-Medical Term – These term policies typically cost more than a traditional term policy, but do not require the same medical underwriting.  You can normally find a couple types:  “Simplified Issue” and “Guaranteed Issue.”  There are usually lower limits of coverage available for non-medical term policies, but these may be the perfect product for someone needing coverage that can’t find it through other life products.



    • Guaranteed UL
    • Asset-Care from OneAmerica – protects against the risk of long-term care (LTC) expenses and provides a wealth-transfer mechanism through specially designed  hole life insurance policies.  Asset-Care solutions are available on a single life or joint life basis, all Asset-Care plans include the following  guarantees:
      1. death benefit
      2. cash value growth
      3. access to 100 percent of the death benefit for qualifying LTC expenses and…
      4. an optional rider for lifetime LTC coverage at never-to-increase premiums.