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If you get a normal looking email requesting you to LOGIN to any site you have an account with for any reason STOP and check it out first.

Typically they’ll say things like the following

  • other attempts to access your account have temporarily disabled your account, login to…” –  So they may actually be trying try to trick you by making you feel like something was wrong and you need to fix it.
  • You need to reset your password…” – This could be legit, but why not go straight to the site and login there first.  Don’t go to the site through any email links but actually go and pull up their webpage directly.

The common thing is they’re trying to get you to enter your credentials in a fake but normal looking webpage.  Once you accidentally enter your login and password to this fake site, they’ve got you and now they’ll have access and quickly have your password changed.  And now… you guessed it, you won’t be able to login.

Phishing Attacks are now an everyday occurrence. 9/10 email requests like this today are probably just phishing attacks. If you don’t just immediately delete it and get curious…

1. Check the email first to see what the actual email is, because it’s probably not from the companies main domain and it’s most likely a scam.
2. Search the title of the email. Searching “PayPal is looking out for you” quickly reveals this is a known attack. The 5th listing on Google is someone asking for help because they did it and now can’t get into their PayPal account.
3. If you’re still curious and want to double check I’d recommend going straight to that companies website. A quick login to PayPal showed there were no issues.

Here’s a recent example where a fake PayPal email was sent.

paypal scam pic1paypal scam pic2

Here are some good resources about phishing emails

  1. How to Recognize and Avoid Phishing Scams
  2. 7 Ways to Recognize A Phishing Email: Email Phishing Examples
  3. 10 Tips on How to Identify a Phishing Email

Curious how to protect your business from a Cyber / Data Breach?

Stay safe online and always use caution with emails!  #naturalstateins #naturalstatetips